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   200 years after Goethe's “Theory of Color;” a refutation of Newtonian optics, I re-realized how farsighted his warning was, though it had been ignored, while making a vague idea of shooting for this exhibition. Naturally, we needed to keep him stepped aside for a while as we satisfying the masculine principle of wanting to launch a rocket to reveal the other side of the moon, and all those history of how science had brought such a kind of benefits to its devotees, the curious citizens, could be seen at the Museum of Erotism in Paris. And now that the optical prism has become less ostentatious and occupy our room walls or palms in an ultra-thin form, we seem to have lost the means to escape from the plaything vice that induces slumber. If one were to find a broiler in one of those close-set dots, which are so small that they cannot be resolved by the human eye, everything that looked so orderly would instantly transform into something unpleasant and uncomfortable. This exhibition marks the current location of my personal exodus, which began with such a moment of fluctuations.

B/W silver gelatin prints from 4x5 sheet film, SX-70: Takto Ando

Model: Takahiro Yagvchi

Nails: Yuhko Ogawa / yodvav nails


2022.2.25-3.26  13:00-19:00







00:00 / 01:24

併設展示 Stereoscope


Click to open video.

 2019年に本展のモデルでもあるTakahiro Yagvchiを撮影したストーリー”EQUINOX”は、観音開きの大型写真集にしたいと目論み自家製本までしてその後頓挫していたものだが、左右のページが別々の時間軸を持って進むようなイメージで構成されている。試みにこれをステレオスコープごしに見てみると、まるで二つの視界が一つの脳に統合されるのを拒むようで面白かったし、やや強弁にはなるが本展のテーマと通底するものを感じて併せて展示することにした。
 スライドショーの音源は2020年に行われたイベントにおける、作者によるギターループとTakahiro Yagvchi によるポエトリーリーディングの実況録音からの抜粋である。

  In the 19th century, the century of science, many new technological pastimes came and went, and the popularity and subsequent establishment of the stereoscope, the grandfather of the VR goggles, shows that visual stimulation is superior to all other senses, or rather, it is just disappointingly cheap and suited to worldly desires.  Stereoscopes are used to present 3D images by utilizing the parallax between the left and right eyes, but what if we tried to fit a series of separate left and right pictures into them?
 The story "EQUINOX," featured Takahiro Yagvchi in 2019, who is also the model for this exhibition, was composed in a way that the left and right pages move along separate time lines. When I looked at it through a stereoscope, it was interesting to me because it seemed as if the two views refused to merge into one brain, and if I forced to say, it had something in common with the theme of this exhibition, so I decided to exhibit it together.
 The sound for the slideshow is an excerpt from a live recording of a guitar loop by myself and a poetry reading by Takahiro Yagvchi at an event I held in 2020.

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